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What if you were presented with a decision that would change everything you knew and everything you were accustomed to? Would you accept the responsibility?


Grady Lee Jr. struggles to bring his thousand-acre family farm back to life and subsidizes his income doing maintenance work on various machines at his adopted father’s small engine shop.  He manages to grow enough produce to feed himself and the very few people that are a part of his reclusive lifestyle.  Although Grady Jr. is a hermit without any social skills, he is known to the residents of his small town of Clay, Al, as a savant, someone with the ability to resurrect any type of machine, from chainsaws to tractors.

A recluse, Grady never sought to marry nor have children. He lost his mom when he was 5 years old but remembers his last moment with her vividly.  By the time he was 13, his father had been re-married for three years; Grady Jr., along with his step-sister, lost his parents when his step-mom and his father were killed in a mysterious car crash.  He was then separated from his stepsister, Mary Ann, the only family he had left.  While social services took Mary Ann to Washington, D.C. to live with her grandmother, Grady was taken in by his father’s best friend, Randy. Randy raised Grady as his own and helped keep the family farm sustained until Grady could take over.

One day, Grady, enters his father’s office, a place he rarely goes, to find some peace or inspiration about what his father might do in his situation.  He discovers a hidden compartment behind the bookshelf and in it finds something that sets him on an obsessive path.  It is his late father’s journal.  The journal was composed in the 60′s while Grady Sr. was in the military.  Grady Jr. had no idea his father was ever in the military, since there was no record of him ever serving time as a soldier during Vietnam.  In the journal, Grady discovers that his father had drawn up plans to develop what could potentially be a revolutionary machine that is capable of changing the world.  The journal is, in fact, a compilation of Nikola Tesla’s work.  It deals with electromagnetism, free energy from the ions in the atmosphere, as well as extracting water from the air, thus giving U.S. citizens the ability to be independent from the utility grid.  In the journal is diagram that Grady Sr. had given the code name “Jack.”  Jack was designed specifically for agricultural purposes, Grady thinks.  It contains information that was deemed classified by the United States Air Force.  Grady begins studying the journal and it is clear that the information is not only revolutionary for the agricultural industry but could very well be away to supply energy for anything that currently uses natural resources for energy, such as oil, gas, and fossil fuels.  Grady is beside himself with this discovery. He knows that ‘Jack’ is the secret to growing plants in half the time, therefore doubling his agricultural production. This could not only be the answer to saving his farm but to helping the dying town that he called home.  He also knows this could potentially change the world. With the help of his friend, Boudreaux, Grady begins to work on the device.

Boudreaux is of Native American decent. He can sense a change is coming for Grady and attempts to warn him. One evening while Grady is in his workshop, the phone rings and it’s an attorney. His sister has passed away and Grady is a beneficiary in her last will and testament. He discovers that he is suddenly the guardian to a six-year-old boy named Kai. Out of duty, not love, he accepts the responsibility. Everyone who meets Kai is drawn to him… except Grady. To him, the kid is a distraction from his regular routine and keeps him from his obsession, completing Jack. Grady would later discover Kai’s unique gifts. Being from the city, Kai is a stranger to nature. For some unknown reason, his mom sent him to a complete stranger’s home in the middle of nowhere. What Kai doesn’t know is, Mary Ann  planned this for few years and believes this will be the perfect environment for her son’s ability to mature.

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