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Bonus #1 - original intro 

The original beginning of the film had a voice over introduction narrated by Grady's foster father, Grady Sr.'s best friend. It tells the history of the small town and Lee Family Farms. Scene was later edited to be more visual without the dialogue. We still love this intro.

Bonus #2 - The Mercantile Story line

A story-line that was removed from the final cut shows Grady's helping nature. He is a proponent of buying local and wants to help a new store owner, KC, build out her mercantile and stock her shelves with material and product from the local towns people.

Bonus #3 - Grady orders Lumber from boudreaux

Grady has just met with KC at the mercantile. She is planning her Grand open in a couple months and hopes Grady can help her by providing goods and service from the local towns people. KC gives him a list of supplies and material she needs. Grady wastes no time and visits his friend, Boudreaux, his go-to guy for practically everything. This scene reveals Grady's high functioning autistic characteristics. At the end of Grady's visit, Boudreaux asks about Kai, but we see Grady is still not willing to acknowledge him.

Bonus #4 - randy visits boudreaux

Boudreaux (Christian Kane) starts construction the machine, known as Jack. Randy Grady's stepfather drops by the farm to see Kai. Boudreaux and Randy have a moment that supports their core beliefs

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